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April 21, 2011


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I live in Pensacola, FL so I understand completely how badly this has affected everything. Going to the beach use to be a fun activity but we are still seeing huge tar balls wash ashore and oil soaked fish. Pensacola use to be known has having the whitest beaches in the world, now we are only known for this :(.

I noticed the lower amount of Seagulls as well, usually when its about to rain here, most of the town has Seagulls flying everywhere (they get away from the shore when it's about to rain), last week I only saw 3 in a parking lot, which is odd because they are usually everywhere, like the movie The Birds (without us dying, of course).

Hope youre doing well, xo.


thanks so much for commenting! we're practically neighbors! i'll be at the beach for a week starting monday.

3 seagulls in a parking lot? craziness. it's one of those survival things.. i'm sure they had to move on to other places where they're not so threatened by the oil.

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